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Selling Your Home - Six Steps to Your Success

 Selling Your Home – Six Steps to Your Success



I will recommend a transition that will be comfortable for you and risk free. The approach depends on your situation and the market at the time we do this.

You will want to time the sell-buy properly. I handle this challenge for you.

Step 1: Home Valuation & Setting the Right Asking Price

  1. Extensive review of your home’s market potential.
  2. What is it worth “as is” and “with prep”? (see next).
  3. Employing a multiple-offer strategy. Also known as getting over asking price.


Step 2: Listing Agreement & Understanding My Service Pledge


Step 3. Home Preparation

  1. Visual inspection and plan for de-cluttering, cleaning, painting, repairing and upgrading - including what not to waste your money doing.
  2.  Recommended local services and prices, if required. My recommended service suppliers offer senior discounts and are all reliable.
  3. Home Staging Services at no cost or shared cost for my clients.


Step 4. Marketing Your Home

  1. Floor plans
  2. Photos and video
  3. Ads (printed and virtual)
  4. Open Houses (optional)


 Step 5: Showings

Showings - Security

  • Supervised showings. I can be present for all showings.
  • Regular security checks. I will advise when I see risks.
  • Schedule restricted: daylight hours/limited times per week and 30 min intervals.
  • Photo ID checks on all visitors.

Showings - Convenience

  • Molly Maid service provided once or twice per week for touch-ups.
  • Schedule flexibility: suspended for illness or special occasions or just for a break.
  • Sellers welcome to remain at home during showings.
  • Weekly updates In person or phone call at a convenient time for you (conference call option) and/or written reports by email for support team members.



Step 6: Offers and Closing

  • Offers screened and presented by me.
  • Multiple offers handled properly and fairly.
  • Seller condition for lawyer review.
  • Seller condition for closing date, if uncertain about buy side.
  • Substantive buyer deposits by bank draft.
  • Tracking of condition to assure removed in time.


Empty Nesters/Seniors Real Estate Resources

(Special Offers and Services just for Seniors - Sellers over 50 Years Young)