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Staging Your Home - Let Me Help You

Thanks to HGTV, most home owners today have been exposed to the virtues and wonders of home staging and home renovation.Staging Works!

Who doesn't like "The Property Brothers" and what they can do to transform a home from a "fixer-upper" to a dream home. We can do it too but without the cost and cameras.

Your Low-Cost, High-Impact Solution

You receive my professional recommendations on areas to concentrate on for maximum sales return.

The simple formula is a series of "must-do's"

1. Declutter (I provide a plan to help with this one)

2. Clean

3. Paint

4. Repair

You will advised NOT doing major renovations when you are thinking of selling in less than 6 months or even a year.

You will be offered top-notch recommendations on local companies who can get these labour-intensive jobs done without further stressing you. In fact, I am confident you will feel much better when we do it this way. I have been thru it many times. It is is a always a big success for my clients. 

Let's get started - Call me at 416-399-5832 for a Home Seller Consult and Home Valuation.

Additional Home Staging Options

Two New Exciting New Staging Alternatives


1. Corrugated vs Real Furniture Less than half the cost and looks as good. After all , you are renting the furniture, not buying it.  Can take weights up to 1000 pounnds (400 kg) - Not flimsy like I first thought when I heard about this new idea.

More info and pricing

corrugated chaircorrugated chari - coveredcorrugated bed


2. E-Staging  (aka Virtual-Staging) -  The least cost alternative and its all done remotely using email and computer graphics to provide the inspirations and plans you can implement yourself to fluff your home like a pro.

Pricing: ONLY $50 per room . These amazing 3-D photos can be used for our listing, marketing and email blasts plus can be combined with Corrugated for a 1-2 punch. 

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Contact me to discuss these and other ways we can make your home sell for more than you had ever thought possible.


I am always happy to recommend service providers should should you like to professionally staging your home or for other home selling needs. Recommended Suppliers


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