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50PLus Glossary of Terms

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Developed by Dennis Paradis

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Canadian terminology and common terms. Not intended to be exact or legal definitions. Many technical or financial terms can be found elsewhere on Google.

I have shamelessly "borrowed" lots of this information from many sources, such as; Comfort Life



Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) -

Refer to day-to-day activities such as bathing, eating, grooming, dressing, toileting, administering medication, moving around and many other self-care or maintenance tasks associated with daily living. Wikipedia: Activities of Daily Living


Active Adult Living -

Active adult living is ideal for healthy, active adults beginning their retirement who want accommodation, services and care in a secure environment with a community of peers. These purpose-built houses or apartments in planned communities are restricted to seniors and offer some access to off-site support services such as personal care. These residents usually do not require assistance with day-to-day activities.

Distinguishing Features

  • Single-family homes, mobile or manufactured homes, cluster housing, condo style housing or special subdivisions
  • Occupants can lease or purchase the residence and enjoy an independent lifestyle with neighbours
  • Amenities: Golf courses, sports courts, swimming pools and spas, fitness and wellness centres. Generally situated close to areas with additional services





Community Care Access Centre / CCAC -

Arranges all government-funded services for seniors living at home. CCAC is responsible for deciding who receives care, the level of care you need and for how long. CCACs do not arrange care through a private company.

You may be eligible for CCAC services if you:  
- are recovering at home after a hospital stay  
- have a disability or serious illness  
- need help with your personal care for medical reasons, or  
- need help caring for someone on an ongoing basis  
You must have a valid Ontario health card, live in the Central CCAC catchment area and meet eligibility criteria to receive services funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care * anyone can call us for an assessment * if you are eligible, a Care Coordinator will help you and your family build a community health care team to meet your needs.  Call 310-CACC (2222).







Independent Living  AKA: Active Adult Living

Independent living retirement communities are perfect for seniors who want to live in a community of people their age, who have similar interests. These retirement communities are designed for healthy, active, self-sufficient, and autonomous individuals. The main benefit of independent retirement living communities is they provide you or your loved one with a care-free, stress-free lifestyle. Residents at independent living facilities look after most of their own needs and wants, but the community offers recreational programs and provides services to make life easier, including mail service, meals, personal laundry, and scheduled transportation.

Many independent living communities offer light assistance with tasks like laundry, transportation and meals and have assistive technologies, like pull cords and handrails available. However, residents are usually in good health and do not need significant help from others.







Life Lease - An underappreciated option that combines the best of both renting and full ownership. You avoid the hassles of home-ownership – from security to taxes and maintenance – while also gaining any capital appreciation on the leased suite. This option is growing more popular.

Residents pay a low Monthly Occupancy Fee to cover the costs of maintenance, insurance, management, and life style services. Usually the monthly occupancy fee is between $150 and $250 depending upon the size of the unit, the type of project and the type of common area facilities. Those residents with smaller units pay less towards the operation of the project than those residents who live in larger units. The residents normally pay their own utilities, property taxes and contents insurance. Special services such as housekeeping, meals and transportation would be an optional extra.





Ownership Options - Owning, Renting and Life Lease





Senior Apartments -

Seniors' apartments will include home maintenance services and some other features that make living independently a little bit easier than owning one's own home.