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85 Wellington St West (Citadel Place II) - Aurora Condo

 85 Wellington St West (Citadel Place II) - Aurora

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Aurora Condo Summaries:

  1. 14924 Yonge St (Highland Green)
  2. 15390 Yonge St (Devonshire Place)
  3. 15227 Yonge St (Centro) - Newest  Condo
  4. 15450 Yonge St (The Victorian on Yonge)
  5. 160 Wellington St E (Wellington Gates)
  6. 85 Wellington St W (Citadel Place)
  7. 180 John West Way (Ridgewood I)
  8. 111 Civic Square Gate (Ridgewood II)


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85 Wellington St West - Aurora

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