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Abbreviations in Real Estate - Creative Writing by REAs (real estate agents

Real Estate Abbreviations

Real Estate people (myself included) love to make up short forms for almost every word or phrase. To be fair, space is very limited in certain parts of a MLS Listing and also in newspaper ads. My hope is that this list will help clear up some of the mystery.

created by

 Dennis Paradis

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you can come up with any new abbreviations not listed here. I will post all worthy suggestions.

 Terms of a typical MLS Listing - Formated as a Listing

A | B | C |D |E |F |G |H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | Other



A/C - Air Conditioner, also CAC - Central Air Conditioner, also, C/A

Acc - Access (as in Acc to backyard) 

Ad - Advertisement

Agr - agricultural (as in zoned Agr)

Agmt - Agreement (as in Agmt of Purchase and Sale - APS)

A.K.A. – “Also Known As” - as in, semi-detached a.k.a. “semi“.

Alum - Aluminum (as in alum siding) 

Apt - Apartment  (as in Basement Apt)

Appt - Appointment

Apx - Approximate,  also Appx

APS - Agreement of Purchase and Sale

ARP# - Assessment Roll Number (for property tax records)

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Bbq - Barbeque

B/I - Built-In (as in B/I Dishwasher)

B/I/DW  - Built-In Dishwasher

Berber - A high quality broadloom/carpet that wears well. Not recomended for dog owners
as claws will tend to catch on the fabric and damage it.

Bkfst - Breakfast (as in Bkfst Nook or Bkfst Room)

Bldg - Building

Bldrs - Builders (as in Bldrs plans)

BR - Bedroom  (as in 4BR)  also Bdr

Brdlm - Broadloam (carpet)

Bsbrds - Baseboards

Bsmt - Basement (as in finished Bsmt)

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CAC - Central Air Conditioning  also C/A

CB - Co-operating Broker (represents the buyer)

Cert - Certificate or Certified

Clt - Collateral (as in Clt Agreement) or Clt Agmt

Comb - Combined (as in Comb Living Room/Dining Room or Comb LR/DR)

Comm - Commission

Cond - Condition or Conditional

Cond Expiry - Condition Expiry (date)

Condo - Condominium

Cov - Coverings (as in Window Cov - drapes,curtains, shears, etc)

Cvac - Central Vaccum (system)


Desig - Designation (as in Desig heritage property)

Det - Detached (as in Det Garage or Det House or Semi Det)

Dir - Direction

Dft - Deal Fell Through (status condition on MLS - Multiple Listing Service, e.g.; TREB - Toronto Real Estate Board runs the MLS for the GTA - Gtreater Toronto Area)

DOM - Days On Market (number of days listed as shown on MLS)

DR - Dining Room 

DRs -Doors

Dryr - Dryer (as in Cloths Dryr)

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EAC - Electronic Air Cleaner

Egdo - Extra Garage Door Opener

Elect - Electric or Electrical

ELFs - Electrical Lighting Fixtures (does not include items plugged in, like table lamps but includes wired-in appliances like chandeliers, and potlights and track lights.

Ent - Entrance (as in seperate Ent or Sep Ent)

Escape: Escape (option to give notice to remove a condition by seller, usually applies to buyer condition to sale of  buyer's current home).

Excl - Excluded (as in Excl Chandelier)

Exp - Expired (as in Exp Listing, a status condition on MLS)

Exh - Exhaust (as in Exh fan or Exh to outside)   

Ext - Exterior            

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FAG - Forced Air Gas (as in FAG furnace or heating system)

Fam - Family (as in Fam Room or Fam Rm, or FR or F/R

Feat - Feature or Features (as in Feat a pool) Aslo Prop Features (property features)

Fin - Finished

Fl - Floor ,also Flrs (as in main Fl or hardwood Fl  or Hdw Fl)

Fr - Front Room, also FRrm

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Gar - Garage, also Grg

Gdo - Garage Door Opener

GdoR - Garage Door Opener remote (handheld device to activate the opener)

GB&E - Gas Burner & Equipment (furnace)

GST - Goods and Services Tax (See also PST and HST)


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Hi-Eff - High-Efficiency (furnace) or HE

HST - Harmonized Sales Tax -combined GST + PST, effective in Ontario July 1, 2010

Hwt(r) - Hot Water Tank (rental)



Immed - Immediate

I/G - Inground (as in I/G swimming pool)

Incl - Included

Insp - Inspection (as in Insp report or home Insp)

Int - Interior or Interest (rate)

Irr - Irregular, also Irreg  (as in Irr lot size)

Irrev - Irrevocable  (as in the offer is irrev until ...)


Jr - Junior (as in Jr Bedroom or Jr BR) 




Kit - Kitchen


L/A - Listing Agent  also L.A.    

LB - Lockbox also Lbx, also Listing Brokerage          

LBO - Listing Broker Office (as in keys or documents at Lbo)

Lev - Level also Lvl

Loc - Location

Low-Eff - Low-Efficiency (furnace)

LR - Living Room also L/R 

Lux - Luxury ( as in Lux condo)

Lvl - Level  also Lev

LVR - Loan-to-Value Ratio

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Mbr - Master Bedroom

Micro - Microwave

Mn - Main (as in Mn Floor or MnFl or MnFlr or M/F)

Mnths - Months, also Mos or Mth

Msrmts - Measurements

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Nr - Near



Occup - Occupied or Occupancy (as in the apartment Occup or Occup Permit for new home construction)

O/Looks - Overlooks (as in dining room O/looks Living Room or DR O/Looks LR)

ONHWP - Ontario New Home Warranty Program

Oth - Other


Part - Partly (as in Part finished basement)

PC - Piece , also pc (as in 3PC bathroom, 3pc BR)

Phys. Hdcp-Eqp - Physically Handicapped Equipted

PIN # - Property Information Number (land registry records).

PITI  - principal, interest, taxes, and insurance with regard to a mortgage or loan.

Prop - property also Prop Feat (features)

PST - Provincial Sales Tax

Pvt - Private (as in Pvt yard)

Pwdr - Powder (as in Powdr Room, Pwdr Rm)

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REA - Real Estate Agent or Realtor

Rec - Recreation (as in Rec Room or Rec Rm)

Reno'd - renovated

Res - Residence, also residential (as in zoned Res)

R/I - Rough-In (as in R/I fireplace or dishwasher)

Rm - Room 

R/O - reverse osmosis (water purification system)

Rrea - Registered Real Estate Agent, also REA (Real Esate Agent)  

RSA - Room Sizes Approximate                 

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SC - Sold Conditionally

Sched - Schedule

Sds - Sides (as in Sides on the park)

Sec - Security

Sep - Seperate (as in Sep Living Room and Dining Room or Sep LR/DR)

Sgwo - Sliding Glass Door Walkout

Sl - Sliding (as in Sl glass patio doors)

Sol - Solarium

Sched - Schedule

Spcs - Spaces (as in parking spcs)

SPIS - Seller Property Information Statement

Sq - Square (as in 100 sq feet)

Sqft - Square Feet

S/S - Stainless Steel (appliances)

Struct - Structure

Stv - Stove

Sys - System ( as in Security Sys or Sec Sys)

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Tba - To Be Announced or Arranged (as the possession date is Tba - meaning negotiable)

TTC - Toronto Transit Commission (bus and subway system in Toronto)   

TLC - Tender Loving Care meaning needs some repairs.                 

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UFFI - Urea Formaldihide Foam Insulation

Upgr - Upgraded (as in carpet upgr or upgr cabinets)                          





W - With (as in comes w all appliances)

Win - Window (as in Win covering or Win Cov)

W/I - Walk-In (as in W/I closet)

W/L  - Where Laid ( as in carpet W/L) also W/Laid

W/O - Walk-Out (as in Basement Apartment W/O or W/O to deck)

W/W - Wall-to-Wall (as in W/W carpet or window or closet)



Yr - Year , also Yrly - Yearly




2 - To (as in a short walk 2 the park)

4+2 - The number after the + means in the basement. Example:  Bedrooms: 4+2 means 4 BR on main or upper floors and 2 in basement.

10 - rated high as in 10 out of 10

@ - At (as in keys @ office or lights @rear)

$/mo - price or dollars per month

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