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Aging in Place

How suitable is your current home?

The big question is can your current home and community continue to meet your needs.

Does your community have the health resources that will support a decision to age in place?

Retrofitting your home to meet mobility and safety needs can be costly and must meet building, fire and zoning codes of your municipality.


A Simple Plan:

1. Seek professional guidance to evaluate your heath and safety needs.

Tip: Community Care Access Centre is an excellent place to start.  They will access your needs and explain what resources are available.

Start with community resources - if you need these and they are not readily available in your community or too expensive, you may want to move.

2. Get quotes from contractors on the feasability and cost of each item.

3. Determine how you will finance these changes.



  • Contact me for recommended services for Living in Place (consultation, construction, trades people, etc).
  • Contact me to discuss challenges and tips regarding Living in Place.
  • Contact me if you want to talk about all your options, including moving to a more suitable location and home type (active retirement resorts to assisted living).


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