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Newmarket & Aurora Condo Profiles

This is a one-of-a-kind service - I know. I keep checking.

  • Profiles including Pros & Cons
  • Current MLS Listings Data for Prices, Taxes and Fees
  • Covers all major condos in Newmarket & Aurora (15)


Newmarket Condo Summaries

Aurora Condo Summaries


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Newmarket Condos - Cost of Living Summary
Find what you need to know about Newmarket's nine (9) condo buildings when it comes to Cost-of-Living; condo fees, taxes, hydro, insurance. See Total cost plus Total Cost per square foot (SF). Also the price of two-bed units sold in 2019 and the Price/SF. I believe the facts will surprise you. PDF, 2 pgs. Created and Published April 1, 2020 by Dennis Paradis.
All the major condos in Newmarket and Aurora on one page showing prices, condo fees, taxes, size, and more. PDF, 1pg, Spring/2015 - needs updating. Static info valid, prices, taxes, etc outdated).
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Condos-at-a-Glance - Newmarket & Aurora

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