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Durham Region Schools

Get your children into the higher quality schools located in the

The Durham Region 

(East of Toronto - See Map below)


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 Public School Ratings by Area (City and Villages)

This is a highly summarized 14-page report shows how Durham Region (see Map below) elementary and secondary public schools compare within 4 major cities (Pickering. Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa) divided into North and South sub-areas plus the rural villages on the provincial EQAO math and literacy assessments. Important information on how to interpret the reports and how they were constructed is included. 

Sweet Spots are shown for each location. These gems are what Select Schools uses to make it easy to find the better schools for house buyers with school aged children.


Sweet Spot = High Quality Primary + High Quality Secondary

(connected to the same address)


Missing Schools? Schools must have at least three years of test results to be rated. Some small schools (exempt from EQAO tests) and new schools are thus not rated. Middle schools (with only grades 7 & 8) are not tested by EQAO and are therefor not rated. Please report any errors or omissions or suggestions to us so we can improve these reports.

Durham Boundries and Catchment Areas: These are difficult to track in Durham Region because the Durham Region Public School Board policy is decidedly unhelpful about releasing information about connections between primary and secondary schools. They will only release this information on request and for one address at a time. In contrast to the Toronto and York Region school boards that make these data available online and for their entire served areas.

Connections must always be checked (for all school boards) once you have narrowed your selection down to a few candidates.

Use your review to decide where you might (or might not) want to buy your next home.   If you are not moving, get involved for your children.  School quality impacts the resale value of your home by some estimates as much as  25-30%

These reviews will show you how each school has performed on the standardized Provincial EQAO math and literacy tests and how this compares with other schools and to the Provincial Standard.

Select Schools Reports now include a true measure to fairly compare elementary schools. This measure was developed and published by the C.D. Howe Institute. This new measure takes into account the social-economic differences between schools. The major challenge to comparisons has been eliminated.  Now parents can fairly judge the schools that are performing well and those that have challenges and need attention. 


Durham Region (E12-E21) on map below

(Toronto East formerly called Scarborough (E1-E11) on map below is part of Toronto District School Board.)