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Friday Harbour - Sunseeker


Friday Harbour - Sunseeker  - SOLD OUT (for now - see below)

Launched September 2021.First Time all units were only offered to current owners and friends and family of Developer, including Investors. Average Sale Price was between $950-$1000/SF.

Total of  250-units in six new buildings on West Side of Boardwalk across from New Lake Club. Like Aquarius, there will be an interior court with a pool. The Hotel planned for this location has been rezoned to the East side of the complex closer to the Marina.

There is only two ways to get a unit going forward:

1. Purchasers sell through Assignment (as soon a Builder permits this (1-2 years)

More Info on Assignments 

2. Purchasers sell after Closing as Resales - about 2024



Below: Proposed Sunseeker at "A" location (adjacent to Lake Club and Hotel at "B" location closer to Marina.

See Reports and Insights for News Article on above rezoning