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Independent Living - Aging in Place

Independent Living - Aging in Place

Housing Options

Major Factors to Consider:

  1. Your Health
  2. Your Budget
  3. Suitability or Adaptability of Your Current Home
  4. Suitability of Your Current Community (mobilty and support needs)
  5. Suitability/Availability of Altenative Housing Options (condo, apartment, right-size detached homes).


A. Stay in Current Home

Your current health and reasonable expectations of your health status can be accomodated with modifications or services available in the community. If not, go to Assisted Living.

Your finances will cover the current and projected costs of staying in home and adding services and or modify the home. If not, explore lower cost options.

Your home can be modified to accomodate your safety and mobility needs (ramps, wheelchair access, walk-in showers/tubs). If not, explore other housing options.

Your location (community/neighbourhood) continues to be suitable for your social needs. If not explore moving to a different community.


B. Stay in Community but Move to More Suitable Home

Explore housing options in your community that better meet your immediate and near-future needs.