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Newmarket among the Best Places to Live in Canada
NEWMARKET, Ontario, May 5, 2010 – According to MoneySense Magazine’s recently released Best Places to Live national survey, Newmarket is one of Canada’s most desirable residential communities. Ranking 15th out of 179 Canadian cities and towns, Newmarket topped the list as the best place to live in York Region.
The Hidden Value in Heritage Properties
In the attached article you will learn that there are many advantages to owning or marketing a heritage home. It is also not as difficult as you may think to make changes to a heritage home, due to the fact that most cities have a heritage committee willing to work with you to make your goals achievable. In some cases, the committee, usually made up of experts in architecture and history, can give you suggestions that could make your property even more valuable once the changes are completed. Feb, 2012. Word doc, 3 pgs
What you need to know about Renovation Insurance
April 29. 2013: Majority of Ontarian Homeowners don't think about insurance before they renovate - TD Insurance survey shows Ontario homeowners don't have all the facts on home renovations, PDF, 2 pgs
Can you evict your tenant when you want to sell your home?
Yes, but you better know the rules of the game. This article by a respected author/lawyer/presenter, Mark Weisleder provides a road map for those selling/buying or investing a tenanted home. Word Doc, 1 pg.
Buyer Beware Illegal Second Suites
August, 2013 - Buyers buying a home with existing second suite (nanny suite, basement apartment) or with the hope to create a second suite are well advised to read this exclusive report with summary chart for Toronto and York Region. You could face significant fines ($100,000) and/or jail for violating the rules, by-laws and codes in place. Word, 2 pgs
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