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Real Estate Investor Network (REIN)


Real Estate Investment Network (R.E.I.N)

Highly recommended resource for rel estate investors.

Start with all the free stuff and a few of the books. Join the forum.

Wait until you learn the basics before investing in their live forums or becoming a member unless you are very sure this is the right path for you.

I am not in any way compensated for my endorsement of this resource.


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Recommended Seminar or Home Study - ACRES System


Price: $587.00

ACRE System Home Study

 Canada's number one Real Estate System. For the past 16+ years, this system has been the catalyst to helping Canadian Real Estate Investors achieve their Real Estate goals. This system is the step-by-step guide to investing in positive cash flow Canadian Real Estate. 15 full-length CDs and Complete Workbook are included.



Price: $587.00

ACRE System Live


A.C.R.E.S™ Program is provided by the author of Canada’s #1 all-time best-selling Real Estate books and Canada’s most successful Real Estate Investing System.,  is coming to Vancouver, BC, March 7 & 8. This is the 17th annual conference and it sells out each and every year. They do not sell Real Estate so are brutally honest with their research. You get the unbiased truth about the market and what the future holds for Canadian Real Estate…



Please Note: Dennis Paradis is  not connected financially to REIN and does not receive any compensation for recommending REIN as a resource for his clients. He is not responsible for your satisfaction or any results you may derive or not derive from using these resources.


Investment Tools

To enhance your buying and selling experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information as possible. It is essential that the buyer or seller be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision. Whether it be through newsletters, checklists or news articles, we are here to make this process stress-free and rewarding. Please access our free reports today!

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