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Report Features

Reports $CDN Prices   


1. Toronto Public School Report - $145 CDN (was $295 $USA).

2. Toronto Catholic School Report - $95 CDN (was $295 $USA).

3. York Region Public School Report - $95 CDN (was $95 $USA).

4. York Region Catholic School Report - $95 CDN (was $95 $USA).

5. Durham Region Public School Report - $95 CDN (was $295 $USA).

6. International Baccaurlaueate(IB) Schools in GTA -$25 CDN (was $25 $USA)

7. Bradford (Public & Catholic) School Report - FREE  

8. Newmarket (Public & Catholic) School Report - FREE 

9. GTA Private School Report - FREE.


Report Features:

Based on facts - not opinions.

Select Schools reports use provincial standardized test results (EQAO) to consistently apply a quality score to every school for Reading Writing and Math (elementary schools) and Literacy and Academic Math (secondary schools). 

Provincial EQAO tests are done yearly in Grade 3, Grade 6. Grade 9 and Grade 10.

Select Schools reports provide an overall average rating for each school over the latest five years.  

The reports make it easy to find the highest quality schools in any given area. Schools are sorted into logical areas depending on the School District. For example, for the Toronto District School Board the Toronto Real Estate Board districts (E5, C14, N4, etc.) are used. For York, towns are used (Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket, etc.).

Narrow down your search:

Trying to determine school quality by personal contact with area residents or school authorities is slow and undependable. Schools often change from the "good old times" experienced by some people you might talk to. And you can hardly expect an unbiased view from teachers and principles and they can at best, only speak to their school's qualities. You would need to do this with every school you wanted to compare. Even if you had pre-determined a small area to live in, there would be dozens of schools to review. Actually, I do suggest you use this personal contact method, but only after you narrow down your selection using Select Schools reports.

Ranking of Schools
The ranking of elementary schools is based, in part, on a new methodology recently developed that allows a better comparison of schools from similar neighbourhoods and demographics and thus compare them on a fair basis. This is the CD Howe Institute's formula.

My ranking of secondary schools is based on a five-year average rating of Literacy or OSSLT (Grade 10) and Academic Math (Grade 9).

See Sample Report

Neighbourhood and sub-Area Comparisons

Select Schools reports are presented in meaningful small areas that make sense for the region being studied. For example, for York Region, eleven areas are used - Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Newmarket, etc.  This allows parents to get "the big picture" of how areas compare and then see details down to each individual school. 

High Quality (Sweet) And Quality-Challenged Schools
My reports make it easy to see the exceptional schools that either are excelling relative to similar schools or may be struggling with quality issues. 

For more information and an example

Sweet SpotsTM Identified
My reports tell you where your children can receive top quality education from Junior Kindergarden (JK) to Grade 12 - all in the same home location. These spots are rare and hard to find. My reports do all the work for you.

For more information and an example

Report Features

Select Schools Reports are specifically designed to help homeowners get the big picture of where they want to live based on the quality of the schools serving a specific home location.

Theses are unique features of Select Schools Reports NOT provided by Fraser Reports:

  • Grouped by city with MapArt references so you can locate each school easily.
  • Includes reference to the TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) Districts - another way to focus your search by area.
  • Include the school board and provincial EQAO scores as a basis for comparison for the school scores.
  • Connect the elementary schools with the high schools (catchment areas). This is a very big advantage.
  • Include latest scores of CD Howe Institute Report - "Scoreboard of Success".
  • Show the "Sweet Spots" - combination of a elementary school + a high school that are both of high quality serving an area.
  • Other info like # seats, programs offered (gift, daycare, special ed, etc).


 These features are illustrated in sample reports for each area.