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Fine Print Made Easy To Read

Condo fees are estimated at $0.54/sf plus a lump sum for parking & locker if applicable.
Rent includes all utilities separately metered.
All figures are estimated projections based on comparable residences in the area. Subject to change without notice
Capital Cost Allowance can be written off against net Income, therefore lowering your taxable income.
Speak to your financial advisor or accountant for more information about Capital Cost Allowances.

Projected rent based on comparative data.
Mortgage rates based on rates in effect at the time of this publication and may vary over time.
Projected property taxes are based on 1% of the net purchase price.
Projected annual rent increases of 2% based on historical data from Toronto MLS Rental Reports.
Projected annual expense increases based on Bank of Canada Inflation Control Target.
Projected annual capital appreciation at 4.78% based on data for Ontario.

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