Newmarket Real Estate Realtor for Busy People™

SafeClose  - paid by me

1.   Pays for extra costs should Closing be delayed.

2.  Pays for Appliances Repairs and Replacements (fridge, stove, etc.)

3.  Pays for Major System Breakdowns (Furnace, CAC, water softner, pool) 

  • Covers major systems breakdowns (furnance, CAC, etc.) for 12 months during Listing Period
  • Covers major appliances breakdowns (stove, fridge, etc) for 12 months during Listing Period.
  • There is a $50 service charge (deductible) if you should need to have a repair done.


PLUS,  Huge extra  Selling Feature for Your Listing:

Balance of breakdown coverage (remaining months of 12 month coverage) transfers to new Buyers. 

Your home becomes more attractive to sell.