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School Guides

The Newcomers' Guide to Education in Ontario provides information and suggestion for parents about how to enroll and help their children in school. It explains the school system and provide tips on how to establish good communication with teachers and the school.

Good communication makes it easier for teachers to get to know your child and for you to understand what is happening in school. It will make the adjustment to a different school system as smooth as possible. Your involvement will help your child be a successful student.

Also, recommended for all Parents with school-aged children who feel they do not fully understand how our school system works. 

Available in 20 Languages. It is entirely FREE.

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This guide provides a little information about many topics. Here are some ways to get more information.


For more information about settling in Ontario, including learning English, finding a job, housing for your family, health care and much more, explore

Who Wrote the Guides?

The Newcomers' Guide to Education in Ontario is a project of the Settlement Workers in Schools program (SWIS) , a partnership between agencies in the settlement sector, school boards and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The text was written by stakeholders in the program and reviewed by the Ministry of Education.


Other Information Sources

Ontario Ministry of Education

Good website with helpful information for parents including a "Frequently Asked Questions" section.