Newmarket Real Estate Realtor for Busy People™

Selling Your Home

Three Good Reasons to choose me as your Listing Realtor:


1. SafeClose  - paid by me

  • Covers your expenses should Closing be delayed.
  • Covers major systems breakdowns (furnance, CAC, etc.) for 12 months during Listing.
  • Covers major appliances breakdowns (stove, fridge, etc) for 12 months during Listing.
  • Balance of breakdown coverage transfers to New Buyers - makes your home  more attractive!


Also available for my Buyer Clients!


2.   Keeping You Informed

  • Never have to ask for progress reports
  • Weekly detailed reports emailed
  • Weekly "What's Happening" phone calls by me to you.


3. Home Staging

  • Three levels available depending on your needs.



PLUS:  All the usual done unusually well. 


Let's Get Started - Please call me at 416-399-5832


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