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My Proven Home Selling System



      My Selling Plan


Setting-Up & Promoting


True Home Value Pricing

“A Home Well Priced is Half Sold” 

  • Detailed written analysis
  • What recently sold in area
  • What is selling now
  • Average days on market


MLS Listing

  • Great care taken in all details
  • Always the full set of 30 pictures
  • Virtual Tour and YouTube video
  • Full use of attachments (floorplans)


Curb Marketing

Source of 18% of home sales

  • Large distinctive For Sale sign
  • Your listing website address
  • Instant Message rider
  • Take-one feature box

Elegant Feature Sheets

  • Full-colour glossy  
  • Over 100 photos taken; best go here
  • See samples


Virtual Tour

  • Pictures sell homes
  • Used on MLS & Websites




Area & School & Financial info  

  • Neighbourhood amenities including
    Walk Score.
  • School quality summary report
  •  Handy finance options sheet
  •  See samples

Wall Feature Cards

“your silent salespeople”

  • 5"x7"cards placed throughout your home highlighting the "wow" and/or hidden features of your home.
  • Eg; "hardwood floor under carpet"
  • Eg; "furnace replaced in 2014"


Your Own Website 

  • My main website features your listing
  • Over 100 unique visitors/day
  • All activities (views, tours, request for showings, brochures, floorplans) are tracked and reported.
  • You can view the activity 24x7 by logging-in with your own password


“Just Listed” Canvassing 

  • Full-colour glossy postcards
  • Canvass the neighbourhood
  • Often combined w Open House
  • Locals may have friends & family interested in living near them


RE/MAX Networking

RE/MAX Hallmark outsold all others last year in both selling & buying sides. (see graphs)

We work as a team to sell your home



Pro Home Staging 

  • My partner Faila will advise you (see sidebar on right hand side)
  • Her services are paid by me
  • Your home will sell faster and at a higher price.


Social Networking 

  • Facebook/biz Page
  • Kijiji
  • P2A Handshake – 1000+ in GTA

Open Houses 

  • For Agents (select locations)
  • For Public



Newspaper Ads 

  • Just Listed and Open Houses




Management - Process, Offers & Closing




Results Feedback

  • You will be kept informed on progress
  • Once weekly as a minimum, we will talk in person or by phone.
  • All feedback from any source will be discussed.
  • We will adjust our plan as needed.



  • Flexible system to accommodate you
  • Security is a priority
  • Lockbox
  • Feedback sought.




  • Will be handled professionally
  • Negotiating from knowledge & experience.
  • Conditions will be tracked and processed (waived).



 Adding to the Team 

  • My extended team of pros will be at your disposal: lawyers, inspectors, home repair, painters, movers.




Managing the Sell-Buy


  • Experienced in balancing these processes at no-risk and greatest convenience for you.




In for the Long Run


  • From set-up to closing, I watch your back and get the job done right.
  • Not just a Sale – It’s my Passion.
  • Ultimate Success is to earn your testimonial, referral and repeat business.




Home Selling Plan - More Details & Links


Pricing your Home - A True Home Value Formula TM
 "A home well priced is already half sold"  

  •  You receive a detailed written analysis comparing all the major features of your property to at least three other recently sold and similar properties. I developed True Home Value Formula for this vital step.

  • Requires my visiting your home for about an hour.


  • See Sample Report of my True Home Value Formula

  •  You see what factors have been considered to arrive at your home's full market value.

  • You participate in arriving at your listing price and you (and I) will have a solid understanding of the competitive features (strengths and weaknesses) that buyers will be thinking about as they consider purchasing your property.

  •  My approach takes the time to do this important first step right. I make a complete tour of your property, inside and outside. I make note of your renovations, extras, and upgrades.  I believe you will appreciate this thoroughness. Many have mentioned that it was a unique experience despite having sold many homes before.


Net Proceeds - you will be given an accurate picture of the cash flow involved in selling your current house and buying your new home. This will be done initially on estimates and when known, on actuals. Sleep better with good financial planning and control. Don't guess - know.  Sample

Fast & Free Online Evaluation  .  This speedy analysis is only recommended if you want a rough extimate of your property value without my visiting your home. The quality of this report can be good depending on how much current information about your home you share with me. To establish a list price - you need the full evaluation.
Staging Your Home to Sell
HomeMakeovers by Faila - A Free Service for My Clients!


  • You will benefit from having your home staged to sell quickly for the top dollar you deserve and I will pay for this service for you.
  • Staging is not redecorating - it is about selling a product - your house.
  • Most people are quite surprised how a few changes by a pro can make such a dramatic difference to the "look and feel" of their homes.
  • Staging is about removing the barriers between potential buyers and your house on an emotional level.
  • In staging a house, often less is more.


Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Commission fees are based on my value in getting you the highest possible net amount for your property. I recommend at least 2.5% for the co-operating broker (representing the buyer). My fees are 2.5%. For a total of 5.0 % plus HST (13% of commission).
  • The Holdover Period is 120 days  This is a period of time after the MLS Listing has expired whereby commission is owed for any Buyers that have viewed the property prior to expiry and who then purchase during this following Holdover Period. If the Seller has engaged a new Listing Brokerage during the Holdover Period,  the fees owing them for this sale are subtracted from fees agreed to with the original Listing Brokerage. Intended to prevent Sellers unfairly avoiding fees.

 Showing Appointment Process

  • RE/MAX Hallmark York Group has a well organized and efficient system to make sure you and your prospective buyers and their representatives are handled with care and professional courtesy. See Why RE/MAX? for details.
  • Appointments for showings are handled through our office based on your instructions as to time of day, days of week, minimum notice, etc.  All visits are recorded and you are sent reports on these showings weekly.
  • Showings can be suspended for periods of time at your request if you need a break, have company, whatever. You are in control.
  • Lockbox is used. The box has your property keys inside. For security reasons, the Lockbox code is only given to the Brokerage office, never to an Agent or to an individual. The box will be placed in a convenient location, e.g.; on your front door. 
  • Unrepresented Buyers who may call on seeing the sign or the advertisements and who are not represented by another agent will be booked for an appointment with me. I will make it clear to these buyers that I represent your best interests as your Listing Agent but can provide them with "Customer Service" - facts about the home, fairness and honesty. And, I can facilitate an Offer if they wish to make one.


 For Sale Sign

  • Yours comes with an added section: “Children's Miracle Network - Miracle Home“ - a wonderful charity that I am happy to support with a donation upon the sale of your home. I have chosen to support Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.


  • I use the latest mobile text message access for drive-bys (they can get pictures and info instanly on their mobile devices while in their car). Great for drive-by shoppers.


"Just Listed" & "Open House" Promotion

  • Making your neighbours aware of your new Listing and Open Houses is just good marketing. Often, they have friends or family who might like to buy your home and get to have these friends as neighbours.
  • Open Houses are well advertised in advance to drive up traffic. Attractive material is developed for open house visitors. Visitor Registration is mandatory for security. Follow-up is done with interested visitors. You are apprised of the results at the end of each Open House session.


  Slideshow & Virtual Tour with Music

  • You can see  Featured Listings  for Slideshows and Virtual Tours of my current listings.
  • Your Slideshow and Virtual Tour are accompanied by music (I will take requests).
  • Your home pictures are taken by me personally and I will use only the optimal lighting conditions, often requiring returning several times.
  • Times convenient to you are arranged to get the best images of your home.
  • You do not have to have everything ready at once and if you make improvements - new pictures are taken. In fact, you do not have to be home at all while this is done.
  • You will likely get very positive comments from your firends about how good your home looks.
  • The maximum allowed for each media is used to showcase your home - 9 for MLS; 36 for this website. I use all the slots.

Internet Websites:


 Walk Score:
  • A great tool that buyers love to see. I add this to your listing so that buyers can see the amenities (shops, transportation, churches, etc) close-by your home.

Feature Sheet  - see examples
  • Full colour, high resolution pictures. You will have a short (6-8 page) and a detailed (9-15 page) version online.
  • School Information Sheet of your area based on my Select Schools (Canada) exclusive school reports  
  • Community Information Sheet


Wall Postcards  - "Silent Salespeople"

Special features of your home are noted on small (3"x5") postcards placed within your home, i.e.; “Solid hardwood floors under broadloom” to help promote your sale.


Floor Plans

I scan any floor plans you may have for your listed property and use these as attachments to MLS and also as attachments to your listing on this website. Buyers love these plans as they help them select homes that truely suit them. You are then attracting the right buyers to view your home and do not waste time and effort on showings to the wrong buyers.

Agent Networking

I network with some of the most successful real estate agents in GTA. Ontario, Ontario and USA. These top agents often have several buyer clients that are looking for a property like yours. 

  • You will get valuable feedback on your property from these agents that will help us sell your home and get you top value


Public Open House (one or more as required)

  • These events can attract many potential buyers to your property.
  • They are held on weekends, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and are supported by advanced advertising. 
  •   Open House add-ons to the lawn sign notifies neighbours and drive-bys of each event at least 5 days in advance.


Feedback on all Showings & Inspections

  •  Weekly Reports provided on comments made by agents and/or their clients who view your property. We will discuss these comments and make changes to improve our marketing plan if necessary.

Some Definition of Terms - See My Real Estate Glossary and Real Estate Abbreviations

  • Showings are agents bringing clients to view your home.
  • Inspections are agents viewing your home without a client with them. If they see a match to a client's wish list they will then book a showing.
  • Lockbox is provided. This is a small box that hangs on your door. 


All in all, a Comprehensive Marketing Plan that Works for You


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