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Staging Your Home - Let Me Help You

Simple "Get it Sold" Plan are these "must-do's"

1. Declutter (I provide a plan to help with this one)

2. Clean


4. Repair

Decluttering is always the greatest challenge especially for seniors and estate sales where a lifetime of memories are stored in every room.

I provide a step-by-step plan to get you thru this challenge with a step-by-step Plan, a calendar and recommended end-to-end services that do a terrific job for you.

TIP: This is NOT the time to do major renovations if you are thinking of selling in less than a year.


Staging Your Home - It Works!

MY Staging Bonus OFFER

My Listing Clients receive a $500 Cashback Bonus based on your use of a professional staging service to sell the home you have listed with me.

This will pay for 10% of your staging costs or your actual costs whichever is less.  







I will make recommendations on top-notch local companies who can get these labour-intensive jobs done without further stressing you.

You can check out my Recommended Local Suppliers - I trust these people to do a good job for you. 

In fact, I am confident you will feel much better when we do it this way. I have been thru it many times. It has always been a big success for my clients. 

Let's get started - Call me at 416-399-5832