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Purpose-Built Student Housing - Background


A Unique Opportunity for Investors - A Better Life for Students

- as published by Textbook Student Suites Inc.


It's time to re-write the book on student housing in Canada.

For decades, moving off-campus meant living in run-down, sometimes exorbitantly-priced apartments or houses. Students settled for poor hosusing conditions at high prices because it was seen as a veritable post-secondary rite of passage. Going to college or university meant paying a fortune to live in a dump - simple as that.

It was time for a change ... that's when Textbook Student Suites Inc. decided to build a better solution.

Textbook Student Suite Inc., is a new concept in high quality, affordable, off-campus student living that delivers a great lifestyle experience for students , while offering peace of mind to parents and a lucrative return on investment for buyers.


Why now?

Simply put, demand for purpose-built student housing is growing at a fast pace and shows no sign of easing.

That's because Canada is in the throes of a student housing crisis thanks to factors such as population growth, a difficult job market that's prompting graduates to pursue second degrees and a sharp increase in the number of international students.

There is a huge supply shortage of student housing across some of Canada's fastest growing campuses like Western, University of Wateroo, Queens University and many others across Ontario and in other provinces.

Investments Made Simple

Textbook Student Suites Inc. is planning to fill the gap starting with the Ross Park project serving the students of Western University in London, Ontario Canada.

This is not your typical rental-income opportunity. Textbook offer professionally-managed and fully-furnished units with rental guarantees that ensure immediate and secure cash flow and superior annual returns and return on investment.

Best of all, parents serve as the primary leaseholders to help mitigate risk and boost tenant accountability. Prime locations close to campuses and other amenities provide an investment opportunity that any business professsor would love.

Ross Park is but the first of many projects planned for the future. Be part of the solution to Canada's student housing challenge and earn yourself a golden nest egg.


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