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Toronto Select Schools™ Public School Report

This is a comprehensive and exclusive report. See how Toronto elementary and secondary schools compare within thirty-five (35) Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) areas/neighbourhoods on the provincial EQAO math and literacy assessments across multiple years.  

Over 800 Public Schools Rated 

Toronto Public Schools - Dec, 2012

Three Sections 

Section 1: Elementary Public School Ratings with High School Connections  -  Sorted Alphabetically by School

Shows the Toronto District School Board public elementary schools using their scores on the provincial EQAO assessments as represented in the latest Fraser School Report over latest five years.

"Sweet Spots"  as defined below are highlited.

Section 2 : Elementary Public School Ratings  with High School Connections -  Sorted by 35 TREB Districts  

Section 3: Secondary Schools  - Sorted Alphabetically

Toronto District School Board secondary schools (high schools) are rated on their scores for math and literacy scores across five years using the provincial EQAO assessments for literacy and academic math. The results are summarized in a table.  "Sweet Spots" are identified.  



 Catholic Schools (Sold Seperately) - Dec, 2012

Section 1: Toronto Catholic Elementary Schools - Sorted Alphabetically

Catholic elementary schools are rated using the same method as the public schools explained above in section 1.   

Section 2: Toronto Catholic Secondary School - Sorted Alphabetically

Catholic secondary schools are rated using the same method as the public schools explained above in section 3


"Sweet Spots"

The Select Schools™ Reports are unique and unavailable anywhere else. We are the only source that  identifies school "Sweet Spots" (a term we coined).

"Sweet Spots" are very rare combinations of elementary schools and high schools that are matched sets - an elementary and a secondary school, both of high quality serving a given area. There are only a handful of Sweet Spots scattered across Toronto. You have a slim chance* of picking a "sweet spot" by guessing. Our reports make it easy to zero-in on these areas to pick your schools (along with your new home).

Sweet Spot = Elementary School (sweet) + Secondary School  (sweet)

The reports explain the details of how a "sweet" spot is determined.


*1 chance in 10 of picking a Toronto public school sweet spot by chance


*1 chance in 5 of picking a Toronto catholic school sweet spot by chance


Why rely on chance - use Select Schools Reports to find the best schools

with certainty


How will You use these Reports? - Ideal for Home Selection 

Many parents use our Select Schools™ Reports to decide where they might (or might not) want to buy their next home.  If you are not moving, get involved for your children.  School quality impacts the resale value of your home by some estimates as much as  25-30%

These reviews will show you how each school has performed on the standardized Provincial EQAO math and literacy tests and how this compares with other schools and to the Provincial Standard.

Select Schools reports now include a true measure to fairly compare schools (The C.D. Howe Percentile). This new measure takes into account the social-economic differences between schools. The major challenge to comparisons has been eliminated.  Now parents can fairly judge the schools that are performing well and those that have challenges and need attention. 


No More Guesswork. This valuable information is NOT available anywhere else.

Report is instantly sent to you by email after payment completed.  

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Toronto Catholic School Price: $95 CDN

(Public and Catholic are Sold Separately)

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Part 1- Toronto Public Schools

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Part 2 - Toronto Catholic Schools

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Missing Schools? Some small schools (exempt from EQAO tests) and many new schools are not rated. Middle schools (with only grades 7 & 8) are not tested by EQAO and are therefor not rated. Please report any errors or omissions or suggestions to us so we can improve these reports. If you have purchased a report that we learn has an error, we will send you a new report at no cost.


Connections by Wards

The Toronto Catholic School Boards does not match exact addresses to a family of schools as does the Toronto Public School Board. Connections are established by Wards. Proximity to a school is a factor in the admission but cannot be pre-determined. These reports assume that all primary schools are "connected" to all secondary schools if they belong to the same Ward and so a "sweet spot" is simply an area with a sweet (high quality) school (elementary and secondary - a matched pair, if you will).